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A technological leader in the field

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Our advancement:

EcoScience Lighting (ESL) has developed highly efficient ultra-low light pollution outdoor lights with a soft color yet having excellent color rendition.  We offer a unique environmentally friendly and economically sound technology.

We can help you:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Save money
  • Finance your lights so they cost you nothing (pay out of energy savings!)

Bright white LED lights as well as HPS street lights and other white lights with excessive blue emission hurt astronomy, confuse protected hatchling turtles, kill endangered species birds, alter human circadian rhythms and have been linked to cancers and melatonin suppression. We want to help you replace HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and other outdoor lighting with low blue content LEDs; Lights that are friendly to astronomy and endangered wildlife that save energy. We all win.

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The problem with blue/white light:

New bright white LED lights as well as HPS parking lot and streetlights, Metal halide, Magnetic induction and Fluorescent lights all emit a large amount of blue light.

         Human sensitivity to light is very poor in the blue. Blue light scatters far more than other colors in the atmosphere making a haze of skyglow.  Blue lights affect circadian rhythms and have been linked to multiple types of tumors and cancers.

Blue light is harmful and disruptful not only to humans, but also to our ecosystem confusing protected sea turtles babies trying to navigate to the sea, endangered species night flying seabirds, and other endangered species.  You have seen the glaring white lights!  Not only do turtles and birds have high sensitivity to blue light but increased scattering leads to light trespass and glare, ruining our dark skies. To top it off, HPS, induction, fluorescent and most other gas discharge lights have a short life and contain poisonous mercury which ends up in your landfill and then in you.

What is light pollution?
Light pollution is many things:

  • It is the glow in the sky that obscures starlight and confuses endangered wildlife. 
  • It is that streetlight that keeps you up at night.
  • It is dangerous roadway glare.
  • It is light that goes up in the sky and is wasted.

Light pollution adversely affects;

  • Human Health
  • The Economy
  • Astronomy
  • Baby turtles
  • Endangered species night flying seabirds
  • Many other forms of wildlife

Light pollution wastes energy:

  • In the United States, lighting energy accounts for about five million barrels of oil (equivalent) per day.
  • Over-illumination is responsible for approximately two million barrels of oil per day in energy wasted.
  • Light pollution is preventable and reversible!

Our technology: Enhanced Spectrum Limited (ESLtm) Honu lightstm

Our spectrum limited Honu lights are fully shielded dark sky compliant lights.  Honu lights mimic the older technology low pressure sodium lights yet they have far better color rendition.  They emit far less harmful blue than typical streetlights or white LEDs. Our unique full cutoff, low light pollution, color rich spectral blend LED lights limit damaging blue content while still providing excellent color rendition (twice as good as current HPS streetlights). Our electronics run cooler than almost every other board made and we use a special proprietary heat-sink treating process that triples our thermal surface conductivity giving a longer life than our closest white light competition! We offer a 7 year 35,000 hour warranty, have top rated 70,000 hour LM79 components.  Our latest lights are now 30% more efficient than a year ago! Email us to setup a call to discuss the latest technology!

Big Island Astronomy Enhanced Spectrum Limited (ESLtm) Astro2ptm lights

Our Astro2ptm lights lights are custom designed to meet the stringent and excellent light pollution laws on the Big Island; County of Hawaii which has the best astronomical observatories on Earth.

Our team:

Utilizing the latest production technology from Silicon Valley companies like GMLE, National Semiconductor and Philips, ESL also used input from experts from companies, University scientists and experts in Biology, Physics, Atmospheric optics, Manufacturing and 6 Sigma reliability. Our light engines and power converters are designed developed and manufactured entirely in Silicon Valley. We exclusively use California made Philips Lumileds, not imported junk.  We are strategic partners with both Philips and our chip maker, National Semi-Conductor.  ESL lights are made in the USA and have a 7 year, 35,000 hour warranty.  Not one of our GMLE light engines has ever failed. This is worth repeating: Not one light has ever failed. Our lights are a top quality American made product, and they save energy, save wildlife and are environmentally sensitive.

ESL lights are assembled in Silicon Valley from American parts. A truly 100% American product.

How can I help?

Please do not use blue rich lighting in your parking lots or at your business or home. Tell those that do to use an EcoScience Lighting Honulighttm.  Help to save our endangered and threatened species while cutting your energy usage. Let’s work together to protect the aina, the land, and cut your electricity bill in half. Less electricity means less air pollution.

More money in your pocket, save wildlife, generate less pollution? That is a win win win.

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